Six Main Features of Spanl Siding

Light weight, high strength and impact resistance. The weight is only one sixth of stone panel. And the installation speed is almost 8 times faster than that traditional materials.

With stable chemical and physical structure the panel will not breakdown or mildew, and has no radiation or pollution. The cost is one third of traditional wall materials.

The superior waterproofness of Air+ Metal Siding keeps the panels free from moisture and wet weather . The self-cleaning coating refreshes the surface by rainwater.

The excellent thermal insulation greatly helps reduce your house energy cost. It also kills sound at around 20dB.

Rich patterns provide broad solutions for designers and home builders to meet their users aesthetic needs.

The stable structure and high durable coating ensure the panel excellent anti-seismic performance and a 30-year life circle even in extreme environment.

Revolutionary Coating

Traditional sidings easily cause fading and chalking under influence of solar radiation, temperature and humidity in normal atmospheric environment.

A revolutionary coating jointly developed by Spanl and Akzo Nobel applied on Spanl siding, and the coating material passed the Exposure Test in different Testing Fields all over the world under different weather conditions.

Spanl HDP coating can last 15 years in normal weather conditions. It largely enhances the siding life and down the users cost.

Strong Self-Cleaning Ability

Traditional Exterior Wall Material AIR+Metal Siding


Easy to be stained,hard to be flushed

Wall Stained and can not be cleaned by rain water



Hard to be stained, easy to be flushed

Easily cleaned by rainwater and fresh as new

Superior Base Metal Selection